My Czech Language

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Since arriving in Czech Republic, I’ve come across many Czech learners and natives. The first thing they do is tell me how difficult the language is: seven cases, irregular plurals, the difficulty of pronouncing letter “ř”, etc. However, as an optimistic person really keen on learning this language, I decided to ignore all negative comments and start studying it, and have already found several tricks to help me to learn.

For example, Czech has 7 cases for each word, with a different option for singular and plural – so I would have to learn 14 words for each individual word!! But actually, all you need to do is change the end of the word. I could give tens of examples, but it is a personal thing as everyone has his own way of studying. However, it is a good tip if you are beginning to explore the secrets of the Czech language.

I will never say Czech is “easy” – it’s not.

But we can find ways of learning and speaking it quite well, quite quickly.
Also, I will never forget how my Czech and Slovak friends helped me to learn it – they really love to teach their language and it’s so funny when I make a lot of mistakes and they correct it.

After one year in Czech Republic, I have reached a good level in Czech language and will continue to learn it. Czech has great literature and history which deserves to be learnt and discovered.

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